(1) House system:-

Askari cadet college is a residential institution. Cadets are accommodated in the hostels called as “Houses”. A house organized its own social functions, excursions, prep, indoor, outdoor games and sports. Each houses is under the Huse master who is assisted by an Assisted House master, a House Tutor and a Non Commissioned officer (Army). Cadets are placed in Four Houses named after N.h of our Homeland.

  1. Maj Shabir Sharif Shaheed (N.H).
  2. Maj Akram Shaheed (N.H).
  3. Capt Col Sher khan Shaheed (N.H).
  4. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed (N.H).

(2) Cadets Mess:-

There is one big dinning hall in the mess. The mess is run under the messing officer. Cadets are also associated with the management of the mess.One representative from each class is the member of mess committee which meets regular to decide the menu and ways and means of improving the mess standard. The menu is decided after the consultation with doctor. The Commandant is the in-charge of the mess committee.

(3) Hostels:-

Hostel has the capacity to accommodate 600 cadets.Every house is being looked by a House Master, assisted by Assisted House Master, House tutor, Moreover, 4-5 teachers have been affiliated with each House to help the cadets in Academics.

(4) Medical Facilities:-

The college has its own dispensary headed by a disperser. The college has generally provided limited coverage for sports in injuries caused by accidents or dinner illness. The college dispensary is well equipped with First Aid and other medicines of emergency nature. However cases requiring specialized treatment are referred to major hospital in the city and the expenses so caused shall be paid by the parent/guardians.

The college policy doesn’t cover any expenses cause by major sickness or disease. In order to avoid any worry and unnecessary botheration, information of only sick cadet admitted in the hospital is sent to the parents.

(4) Library:-

The college has a well furnished library with the large numbers of selected books. A variety of books are available for the cadet for all age groups. The library offer a calm and quite atmosphere where cadets can read on all topics to add to the knowledge attained in the classroom.

(5) Computer Lab:-

Askari Cadet College has a well and full fledged developed computer lab. There are about 35 computers in lab which is an evidence of Askari Cadet College commitment to expose its cadets to the latest technology.

(5) Science Lab:-

Askari Cadet College has three science labs, biology lab, chemistry lab, physics labs with all equipments of practise. Cadet is well equipt with complete material to perform practicals under the supervision of respective teachers.