1. College rules

    The principal has full authority to fine punished or ask any student to leave the college at any time if he feels that the stay of the student in the college is not in the interest of student himself or the institution.
    Cadets are not permitted to keep the following items in hostel.

    (i) Gold chains, rings, bracelets, costly wrist watch, mobile phone etc
    (ii) Any type of video/audio system or any other electric appliances
    (iii) Medicines other than prescribed by the authorized doctor
    (iv) No cash money more than RS 200 is authorized as pocket money

  2. Pocket Money

    Maximum pocket money of RS 150 and RS 200 per day is paid to junior and senior cadets respectively. Cadets are not permitted to keep with them money exceeding their daily pocket money allowance as mentioned above. any extra cash that they might have, must be handed over to the accountant.

  3. Leave

    Leave is granted on a written application from parents. Leave other than the holidays authorised by the college will not be granted except in very exceptional circumstances. No leave will be granted for attending any function, except the wedding of real brother and sisters. Which must preferably be planned during holidays.

  4. Visitor

    Parents/Guardians are allowed to visit their sons/wards only on Sunday/holidays as per following timings.
    9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Oct to March)
    9:00 AM to 6:30 PM ( April to September)
    Parents are not allowed to visit the dormitories/rooms of cadets.
    They are also not allowed to visit the staff at their residences. They can meet the house master in their offices on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

  5. Uniform

    Cadet wear prescribed college dress. They are allowed to wear trousers and shirts on Sunday and the cadets are going on out pass will wear walking out dress. They are not permitted to wear private dress or shoes.
    List of items at the time of admission



  1. Cheating, lying , stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct/aptitude.
  2. Leaving the college (bunk) without prior permission of the house master and breaking bounds.
  3. Absence from the dormitories/house after lights out.
  4. Possessing undesirable literature.
  5. Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property.
  6. Keeping fire arms or lights of large size etc.
  7. Rude behavior with staff and seniors.
  8. Rude behavior or cadets parent/guardian towards staff.
  9. Being habitually absent from class or any other activity mentioned in the daily routine without proper permission.
  10. Being habitually irregular and untidy.
  11. Non-payment of dues/charges.


Corrective measures i.e extra drill, detention, fine and canning are awarded on minor offences but major offences (determined by the principal) will definitely end in the expulsion/withdrawal from the college. In such cases the decision of the chairman will be final and can’t be challenged in court of law.