Scholarships & Fee Concessions at ACCKK

1. Merit Scholarship:

Askari Cadet College promotes meritocracy and offers an exclusive scholarship to students showing excellent performance in academics. Bright Students can avail up to 100% Fee Waiver. Students with 90% or above marks are eligible to apply for free education at the time of admission. Whereas, students with 80% or above marks in can apply for a special fee concession of 85% percent.

2. Need Based Scholarship:

Understanding that students may face some affordability crisis, their needs are taken into account by ACCKK. The students who need financial support can apply for a scholarship so that they may study in comfort without any burden on their family.

3. Fee Concession on Kinship Basis:

ACCKK takes care of the family of its students. The brothers and sisters of old & current students are offered a special discount for their education.

4. Sports Based Scholarship:

Students having talent for sports can apply for admission in sports basis. Those having a past record of showing excellent performance in sports can apply for sports based scholarship.

5. Co-curricular Based Scholarship:

Askari Cadet College promotes talents and nurtures potentials of young students by offering them opportunities that support their pursuit of education. Students who participate in co-curricular activities and have the skills to perform well in activities and events can apply for a scholarship.

6. Fee Concession for Teacher’s Children

Askari Cadet College facilitates the teachers and ensures that their children can avail high quality education. Children of Teachers at Public Sector and Known Private Institutes are eligible for this concession.

7. Financial Aid for Orphans

Orphans are entitled to a special scholarship at ACCKK. Those who lost their father can apply under this category.

8. Special Circumstance Financial Scholarship

Considering that a student may suffer a sudden tragedy at home, a specific scholarship opportunity has been ensured to be available for the students. The tragedy in this case may involve a student losing his or her father during the course of studies.

9. Special Financial Scholarship for wards of Forces Personals

The wards of army Personals will be given special Fee concession.(RS: 2000)